10+ Photos That Prove Cats Are Basically Made Of Liquid

Cats are little creatures. They have distinct, funny personalities and have an incredible talent that they can fit their bodies into almost any sized or shaped location. They will take any chance to show they are liquids by jumping into various boxes, jars or pots no matter how small they are.
No matter how awkward or funny these kitties look, they’re still absolutely adorable. The following 15 cats prove that they flow freely while keeping a constant volume.
So we can say that cats are liquids!

1. “No, really, it’s comfortable.”

This guy thought this plastic flower pot would be a good place to relax.

2. This cat that looks like a basket of flour.

A cat mixed with flour, is this new dish?

3. This feline has gone into a fully liquid state.

The look on the cat’s face might look like sheer terror, but that’s actually his ‘relaxed’ face. As it turns out, the word ‘comfort’ has a very different definition for cats versus humans.

4. Would you like a glass of ‘cat-ernet’?

We don’t know how or why, but somehow this big cat was able to maneuver their way into this large glass.

5. This cat reached max temp and totally melted.

Did the sidewalk literally melt this cat’s body? What is happening here?

6. This kitty is turning into a waterfall.

Even when they’re sleeping, their flexible cat bodies can turn into liquid and melt right off whatever platform they’re lying on.

7. A little cup of cuteness.

We can’t get over how cute those little pink paws look pressed up against the plastic.

8. Undeniable proof of their liquidity.

A liquid has no fixed shape, therefore, it takes the shape of any container.

9. A tub of ‘purrr-etzels.’

Because who doesn’t love pretzels? Plus, they get to lick all of the salt off once they take a bath later.

10. This one will make you do a double take.

They must be liquid if they’re able to pull off this location and pose, right?

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